Why It Is Important to Use a Divorce Attorney for Estate Planning?

When couples choose to get a divorce, they are engaging in what can be a complicated process. This is why it’s important that each party be well informed about the things they want to discuss with their lawyer about the division of assets and financial matters, such as who will manage the settlement. In Washington State, if the couple doesn’t already have an estate planning attorney, they must appoint one before proceeding. The same is true for those with minor children: they need an estate planning attorney in Seattle immediately after getting divorced.


One reason to hire an estate planning lawyer in Seattle is the simple fact that the law tends to be more complex there than in many other states. The state requires that all assets be kept by the individual’s spouse, which complicates things when both spouses have different ideas about what those assets should be used for. An estate planning attorney can serve as an impartial arbiter between the two parties in the divorce so that an agreed upon amount is reached and then divided up and assigned to each party according to their individual plans.


Another reason to consider getting a divorce attorney in Seattle is that the attorney can be a great asset for your state during the course of the divorce process. In particular, he or she will have an easier time dealing with the legalities involved when assets are distributed and other issues are involved. The attorney will also be familiar with the state laws related to estate planning and can therefore ensure that the wishes of each spouse are met when the final decree is issued.


If you are not already an attorney but want to be, the state of Washington strongly recommends that you hire one for your specific needs. The first step in estate planning is to draft a Will, which can only be done if the individual is 18 years old or older. A Will is effective when it is executed upon the death of its author and must contain all of the necessary information to guide the process of inheritance. If a person’s estate is being probated, a Will is also needed to protect assets in the event that a judgment is issued against the estate in a civil or criminal court. Without a Will, estate planning is deemed useless and the assets of the deceased are subject to the probate process.


There are many other reasons to consider hiring a divorce attorney in Seattle. If a couple has small children, it is very important that they separate their assets and assign them to charitable foundations or schools. Even if the couple does not have minor children, it is still a wise idea to separate their assets to avoid any family disputes down the road. Also, estate taxes and inheritance taxes can be avoided by creating a Will and establishing the exact circumstances of the passing of the deceased’s estate.


No one wants to deal with the stress of a divorce, so it is important to plan ahead and make sure that your assets and finances will remain secure throughout the ordeal. By using an attorney in the area of estate planning, you can rest assured that your final wishes will be executed exactly as you want them. This ensures that your divorce is a peaceful and loving ending to the most difficult period in your life. Although the legalities may be complex, if you have a legitimate case, a divorce attorney will make the process painless.